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Do Not Disturb

Feb, 2 15
Do Not Disturb, often abbreviated as DND, sets the phone status to unavailable. Inbound calls will be directed to voicemail if call forwarding has not been set. DND can be enabled by dialing *78 and disabled by pressing *79, by pressing the DND button on your SIP enabled phone, enabled thru the ...

Call Forwarding

Feb, 2 20
Call forwarding allows the user to forward a call recieved depending on the call forwarding type to another phone number a user may be at. For instance, a user may choose to have a call forwarded to their cell phone if they are away, or in a business environment forward a call to another user if t...

Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Feb, 2 27
Mean opinion score (MOS) is a test that has been used for decades in telephone networks to obtain the human user's view of the quality of the network. Historically, and implied by the word Opinion in its name, MOS was a subjective measurement where listeners would sit in a "quiet room" and score cal...

Star Codes

Feb, 2 78
Vertical Service Codes, otherwise known as Star Codes where originally developed by AT&T Corporation (called CLASS, or Custom Local Area Signaling Services) to signal a telephony switch in the central office to access features provided by the local exchange carrier.  While many of these features...
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