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Why Pick Atheral White-Label VoIP?

VoIP retail and white-label providers are often known for their "churn and burn" sales and support philosophy - that it is more expensive to provide a reliable product and great support than to find another company who will purchase their service. Atheral is investing heavily in our technical resources, our engineering superstars, and fully redundant servers to provide you with a service you will be proud to resell as your own with great support to help when things don't go right.

With 45+ years of combined ISP & WISP expertise by the owners of Atheral, our switch and services are designed with you in mind. We also include configuration templates for the most popular ISP ATA's on the market, including those manufactured by Calix, Cambium Networks, and ReadyNet.
We don't sell our telephony services to end users (or as other providers may call it, retail), we only sell them to Internet Service Providers and Managed Service Providers providing value-add to their customers. You will never have to worry about Atheral competing against you!
Get up and running provided UCaaS services without spending a dime on servers, softswitch software, SBC's, or complex integration. We have invested more than $500k in infrastructure so you don't have to.
Our Class IV/V switch was built from the ground up using high availability design, including redundant hardware (servers, switches, routers) and redundant power to devices. Furthermore, we have designed our switch to also be Geo-Diverse, with a node located at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA and another at H5 in Denver, CO. Throughout 2019, we intend to add additional nodes across the United States to further increase our availability. Our goal - zero downtime for you or your customers.
As a service provider, you have invested heavily in providing outstanding services in the communities you serve. Grow your brand by providing UCaaS services that are branded with your companies name, that you bill for, and that you provide Tier 1/2 technical support for.
While providing referrals or being an agent to other providers can be easy, you are leaving significant revenue and more importantly, profit, on the table. You set the pricing to be the most competitive in your market, which also means you control the margin. Many providers are able to generate 50%-100% margin off of our services while increasing the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by 10%-25%
Don't you hate it when a service provider tacks on those "I love you fees" for the privilege of using their service? $2 for each auto-attendant, $15 to setup a seat, $5 for a call queue? Atheral has simple, no surprise pricing - 99% of our features are included in our per seat fee.
When you call Atheral looking for professional and knowledgable help - your call won't be routed to a call center overseas. Atheral is proud to offer our support services in-house, staffed by telephony experts located throughout the United States.
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White-Label and Hosted PBX Features

  • CALEA Compliant
  • Call Detail Records (CDR's)
  • Device Inventory
  • DID Included Per Seat
  • e911 Included Per Seat
  • Fault Tolerant
    • Active-Active Architecture
    • Geo-Redundant
    • Hitless Upgrades
    • Vastly Scalable
  • SNAPMobile Phone App Integration
  • QOS and MOS Monitoring Per Call
  • Premium Rate Number Blocking
  • Reseller Technical Support (611)
  • Mature API
    • Accesses All System Functions
    • Call Control
    • OAuth Permissions
  • Multi-Tenant With Unlimited Domains
  • Advanced Security & Fraud Detection
    • Auto Block Failed Registrations
    • Auto Block SIP Port Scanning
    • Auto Block Promiscuous SIP Devices
    • Velocity Filter for Bad Digits
  • SIP Call Traces
  • Zero-Touch Device Provisioning


  • Advanced Caller ID
  • Simultaneous Ring
    • Find Me
    • Follow Me
  • PIN Enabled International Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Screening
    • Toll Free Call Rejection
    • Selective Call Rejection
    • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Call Forwarding - Out of Service
  • Three-Way Calling


  • Additional Star Codes
    • Dynamic Call Park
    • Call Park Queue
    • Group Pickup
    • Site Pickup
    • Domain Pickup
    • Agent Login
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants
    • Personal
    • Scheduled
    • Chained
  • 3-5 Digit Extensions
  • Hot Desking
  • Web User Portal
    • Contact List with Presence
    • Click to Call
    • Inbound Call Handling Rules
    • Screen Pops
    • Messaging
    • Call Quality Monitoring
  • Office Manager Web Portal
    • Active Calls
    • Auto Attendant Designer
    • Call Records
    • Call Statistics
    • Conference Bridge Configuration
    • Device Provisioning
    • Button Builder
    • Moves, Adds, Changes
    • Music On Hold Upload
    • Queue Management
    • Voicemail Management
  • Paging
  • Call Monitoring
    • Supervising Mode
    • Silent Mode
  • Automatic Call Distribution


  • Call Queues
    • Customizable Intro Greetings
    • Request Call Back
    • Redirect To Voicemail
  • Hunt Groups
  • Music On Hold
    • System Default
    • Custom
  • Barge-In
  • Time of Day Rules
    • Business Hours
    • Day of Week
    • Holidays
  • Custom Ringbacck
  • Group Announcements
  • SIP Instant Messaging
  • Intercom
  • Call Intercept
  • Configurable Directories
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Notify
  • Simultaneous Ring - Group
  • Call Transfer
    • Attended
    • Blind
    • Intercom
    • Voicemail
  • Diversion Inhibitor
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • Shared Call Apperance
  • Two-Stage Dialing
  • Phone Status
  • Presence
  • Privacy
  • Corporate Directory
  • Directed Outward Dialing


  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Directory Listing
  • Call Recording
  • Additional DID's
  • SIP Trunking
  • Additional Registered Devices
  • HTTPS Fax
  • T38 Fax
  • Fax to E-mail
  • SMS Enabled DID
  • Additional Voicemail Boxes
  • Video Telephony
  • Brandable Web Portals
    • Custom Domain
    • Configurable Permissions
  • Conferencing
    • Convene Conference
    • Invite Attendees
    • Scheduled/Instant Conference
    • User/Office Manager Web-Based Configuration

Ready To Get Started?

Go from Zero to Happy Voice Customers in Four Easy Steps!


Setup a Demo With Us

During this one hour demo we will discuss your needs and review our platform with you.


Sign our NDA and MSA

Our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protects you and Atheral as we discuss in the inner-workings of your network, billing platform, and share sensitive information to get you running as fast as possible. Once the NDA is signed, we will also provide a copy of our Master Services Agreement (MSA) which outlines everything from our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to detailed pricing and support processes. Everything is securely hosted in Docusign so there is no back and forth scanning and e-mailing!



Once documents are signed, we provide four hours of on-boarding training where we develop your migration plan (if you have existing users) and make sure your comfortable using the platform and providing Tier 1 support to your customers. This is dedicated time with our senior engineers to make you are successful with our platform.


Get Selling!

In two weeks or less, you are now ready to add your users and sell your service - having spent nothing on servers, switches, or hours and hours of banging your head against the wall trying to get something to work the way you want it.