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The Atheral Story

Cloud Services for ISP's & MSP's by ISP & Military Veterans

Founded by two Internet Service Provider veterans in 2018, Atheral is building customer centric white-label and wholesale cloud solutions for Internet Service Providers and Managed Service Providers that decrease end user churn and increase profitability while being geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable. We focus on redefining technology in the cloud to minimize capital expense while providing a scalable and predictable operating expense.

The Atheral Cloud Softswitch is the foundation of the Atheral initial product offering. The Atheral Cloud Softswitch is a Class IV/V Softswitch for our customers deploying white-label UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions to residential and business customers across the United States. Deployed across a Geo-Redundant and High Availability core with unique support options from a US based support team – the Atheral Cloud Softswitch has been designed from the ground up to be simple, flexible, and feature rich with support resources unlike any other provider. You will be proud to brand the Atheral Cloud Softswitch as your own.

Atheral also provides Tier 3 engineering consulting if you already own or operate your own VoIP softswitch from many of the most popular softswitch vendors like Asterisk, Bicom Systems, FreePBX, FreeSwitch, or Netsapiens. Our reputation demands on us having great engineers on call 24x7x365 to support our own switch nodes - we make them available to you at a fraction of the cost!

What Does Atheral Mean?

Atheral is a play on the word Ethereal, which is commonly known as a region beyond the Earth that lacks material substance but connects everything together. Robert Metcalfe, the Father of Ethernet (the standard that is the foundation for computer communication) took his inspiration for the name "Ethernet" from the same 19th century discredited scientific theory. We look forward to continuing his legacy by Redefining how Technology connects us all.

About Our Co-Founders

Russ Headshot 3

Russell Irwin

Co-Founder - Engineering & Support

With more than a decade of experience building, managing, and deploying most popular softswitch implementations for service providers, Mr. Irwin leads an engineering and support team dedicated to "doing VoIP right" by elevating the customer experience. Before becoming an accomplished telephony engineer, Mr. Irwin proudly served in the Air Force.

Daniel Headshot July 2018 No Background

Daniel White

Co-Founder - Business Development & Operations

With a restless passion for helping service providers do what they do best, Mr. White has spent more than a decade in the ISP industry climbing towers, engineering wireless systems, and managing sales and operations for manufacturers and equipment distributors. Mr. White is excited to bring a consultative approach to help ISP's grow by offering white-label services you will be proud to put your name on. Before strapping on a climbing harness, Mr. White proudly served in the Marine Corps.