Don't Take Our Word On It

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Atheral rises to the level of service that our company provides. We can trust Atheral to be there to provide a service level that is synonymous with ours.”

Cameron McCurdy - Owner

“Our customers just love it; it just works!”

Josh Nowak - Operations Manager

“Atheral has allowed us to have an additional product, an additional revenue stream, and provide a product that our customers want, all at a lower price than the competition.”

Matt Hoppes - Chief Executive Officer

“I love Atheral because they’re responsive, efficient, and always take care of their customer.”

Matt Larsen - Owner

“Atheral has such a great support team! I can’t say anything bad about Atheral at all, it has just been great!"

Dave Milholen - Chief Technology Officer

Atheral's white-label, client-centric VoIP platform is designed for Internet Service Providers. We aim to provide a world-class voice-switching platform with industry-leading support that decreases end-user churn while being geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable. Our platform is deployed by fixed wireless and FTTH ISPs, ranging from privately held to municipal and utility-owned providers.

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